Celebration is one of our best stress mediations as well as a valuable tool in the building of self esteem. Celebration can provide laughter, physical exercise, and relaxation – key ingredients in reducing stress. The actions, perspectives, and involvement of others allow us to expand our experience of events.

Too often, however, we reserve celebration for specified events – holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. In this presentation we will see the many and varied opportunities for celebration in everyday events – from getting up in the morning, to noticing a spring rain.

Zest for life may well lie in honoring our moments, moments when we were courageous, honest, daring, heroic, brave, late, spontaneous, lucky, original, forthright, odd, bright, inventive, persistent, zany, irritable, conservative, stable, noble, lump-like, reflective, loving, forgetful, or humorous… or any moment at all.

Don’t let your “best moments” be trivialized by the speed with which you travel the road of daily demands. Pull over into this rest stop of revelry and celebration.