Joy is a story of perspective, the knowledge that life is lived inside our own heads. Choosing laughter, a peaceful mind, a cheerful heart and a gentle tongue is a gift to ourselves and a gift to others.

The Benefits of Laughter

Reduces stress
Elicits deep breathing response
Lowers blood pressure
Exercises body muscles and organs
Increases the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain suppressers
Enhances the function of the immune system
Creates a sense of well-being
Can create an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance
Learned Limits On Laughter

Replacement of the laughter response
Things about which we have been taught not to laugh
Places we’ve been taught not to laugh

Developing and Sharing Laughter

Collecting and sharing humor:
a. Jokes, cartoons, comic strips, tapes, books, TV, comedy clubs, old movies
b. Our own experiences
Going through the motions
What to say when you talk to yourself:
a. Perspective vs. Fact
b. Telling the “good” story