Programming Yourself For Success

Programming Yourself:

Sometimes we set goals and reach them with little effort. Almost magically things fall into place; we are in the right place at the right time. At other times, we reach a goal only after considerable struggle; two steps forward and one backward. We may aim for a goal that forever eludes us while achieving things we never expected. Some days we’re lucky, other days we are not. Why? How is it that just when we have the answer… we don’t? Is it fate? Is it something “out there” or, as Shakespeare said, “Is the fault not in our stars but in ourselves?”

  1. Right / left brain research that applies to our behavior
  2. Characteristics of the two sides of the brain
  3. Techniques for programming the subconscious:
    a. Affirmations
    b. Fantasy / daydreaming / visualization
    c. Treasure mapping
    d. Contrived experience
    e. Music
  4. Possible applications to everyday goals:
    a. Career development
    b. Self esteem
    c. Relationships
    d. Sports and physical activities
    e. Wealth
    f. Health